Madeira Classical Orchestra - Auditions

Madeira Classical Orchestra

Thank you for your interest in applying for Madeira Classical Orchestra.
The OCM is a professional orchestra based in Funchal, – Autonomous Region of Madeira (PORTUGAL)

Auditions are open for the following position:
  • Audition is open for the Double Bass Tutti

Hiring process: Direct adjustment procedure (in accordance with the 'Code of Public Procurement' –C.C.P.)
Contract terms: Service provider
Date of rendering services: From 16th september 2019 to 31st july 2020.

Honorary: 10 months pay (Before tax)
Double Bass Tutti: 12.650.00€

Musicians who provide services exclusively for OCM will receive an additional € 2.750.00 (annual) fee.

Interested should send an e-mail expressing their interest with a detailed curriculum, according to the dates indicated in the "Auditions" section, to the following address:

Qualification requirements:
A professional level of musical education is required, along with good performing skills and experience with professional orchestras. A solid understanding of the standard symphonic repertoire is expected, as well as the ability to rehearse and communicate in Portuguese, regardless of nationality and gender.

Work Responsibilities:
In addition to orchestral concerts, successful candidates will have the additional responsibility of integrating into any existing resident chamber music groups, with whom they will perform concerts as scheduled as part of the yearly / seasonal programming.

-Live audition date: 10th July 2019, from 3 p.m. in Funchal at the address: Travessa das Capuchinhas nº 4, 1º – Funchal, – Autonomous Region of Madeira (PORTUGAL)
Candidates wishing to participate in the live audition should write to the above email address until 28th of June, 2019.
The OCM will not provide an accompanist for auditions. Candidates who would like to perform with piano accompaniment do so at their own discretion. Playing with accompaniment is recommend, but not compulsory. ANSA will put any candidates who wish to play with accompaniment in contact with pianists who reside in Madeira on request.

- Video audition dates: Your resume /curriculum vitae and the video link (Dropbox, WeTransfer, Youtube, Vimeo…) must be received until 04th July 2019.
Videos must be shot in one take and include all of the required excerpts for your instrument. Please see the repertoire list . Absolutely no editing of any kind is allowed. Video auditions must be performed with piano accompaniment.
The Audition Committee reserves the right to dismiss any candidate who does not meet the highest professional standards.

Associação Notas e Sinfonias Atlânticas
A/C Artistic Director Norberto Gomes
Travessa das Capuchinhas, nº 4 - 1º andar
9000-030 Funchal - Autonomous Region of Madeira PORTUGAL